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We are excited to be once again offering FREE summer camps for kids aged 8 to 12 with Lake Windermere Ambassadors! The camps will happen on Fridays in both Invermere (at James Chabot Provincial Park) from 9-12am and in Canal Flats (at Tilley Memorial Park) from 1-4pm. We will be covering all sorts of topics about the lakes and water, and all of the wildlife that depends on them. While educational in nature, all the camps will be based around fun interactive games and activities.

Please note that because camps fill up quickly, registering here does not guarantee a place: we will send an email to confirm camp places.

Each week has a different topic:

July 2 | Birds in our Sky
Lake Windermere and Columbia Lake are home to many different birds, including species at risk. Kids will learn how to identify and protect common birds around the lake.

July 9 | Aliens in our lake
Kids will learn about what an invasive species is, how they impact their environments and what their introduction means for native species. After this camp kids will be plant identification experts.

July 16 | Our Wonderful Watershed
Water takes on a long journey before reaching our two lakes, most of it relatively unseen. In this camp, kids will learn about where water comes from and the different obstacles it has to get through to get to the lake.

July 23 | Life in a drop of water
Water is life: kids will learn about the importance of freshwater. They will have the chance to be hydrologists and test the water quality of our lake.

July 30 | Wild Wetlands
The Columbia Wetlands are one of the largest in North America, being 180km long! They are an incredibly rich and biodiverse ecosystem. In this camp kids will learn what wetlands are, why they’re so important, and how to identify some of the species that live in the Columbia Wetlands.

August 6 | Fishing for Fun
Kids will learn about the different fish in the lakes, like the Kokanee Salmon, who spawn in nearby creeks.

August 13 | Making Waves
On a sunny summer day the lake is busy with all kinds of different boats. Kids will learn about safe boating (from shore).

August 20 | A Bug’s Life
Bugs are often the forgotten heroes of ecosystems. Kids will look at some aquatic bug species found in our lake as well as discover their importance.

August 27 | Water Superhero
Kids will learn how to be water stewards and keep the water healthy and clean.



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