Board Members and Directors

Join our team of Columbia Lake stewards and get involved in our work to protect the health of the Columbia Headwaters. As a board member or director you will have the opportunity to be actively involved in our decisions and initiatives. You will have the opportunity to provide advisory and support to our Program Coordinator, join our fundraising committee, or include your ideas and expertise towards our program development.

Send us an email to express your interest in joining our team!

Volunteer Opportunities

Upper Columbia Swallow Enhancement Project

Populations of birds that catch insects on the wing (avian aerial insectivores) have been declining for decades. Conservation actions must be put into place to help halt and reverse this trend!

The Upper Columbia Swallow Habitat Enhancement Project (UCSHEP) is important for conservation. This project is working to halt and reverse significant population declines facing two at-risk bird species.

To learn more visit here.

Western Painted Turtle Habitat Enhancement

The Western Painted Turtle – Intermountain – Rocky Mountain Population (Chrysemys picta pop. 2) is British Columbia’s only native freshwater turtle species and it is provincially blue-listed.

Turtles require basking features such as logs or other surfaces onto which they can easily climb onto and warm themselves (by thermoregulation) from their environment. Recently the Lake Windermere District Rod & Gun Club engaged in a part of the Columbia Wetlands Stewardship Partners Western Painted Turtle Project and placed basking logs in ponds where basking logs were lacking or in short supply (determined through inventory work in 2020).

The project biologist (Rachel Darvill of Goldeneye Ecological Services) is overseeing the project and is looking for volunteers to assist with monitoring the basking logs.

For more information visit here.

Lake Monitoring 2022

CLSS monitors the water quality for Columbia Lake and collects regular monthly data and samples from May-September. These activities are conducted by volunteers and CLSS coordinators.

We are greatly appreciative of our team of dedicated and passionate volunteers who donate their time and boats for these activities.

If you have a boat and time, and you would be interesting in being a Steward for Columbia Lake, contact us at

Knapweed Pull

Are you concerned about invasive weeds along the mighty Columbia headwaters?

If you know a location along Columbia Lake or River with invasive weeds, let us know and we can tackle them together!

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