CLSS vision is that the current pristine nature and ecological health of Columbia Lake be maintained and preserved for future generations. Our immediate goals are to continue to conduct water monitoring of Columbia Lake, maintain best water sampling practices to ensure accurate and defensible data collection and build a database of water data to allow comparison of current conditions to recorded baseline as a means to measure potential effects.

Work to date includes water quality monitoring since 2014 and documenting these results in our annual reports. We are happy to report that Columbia Lake’s water quality is healthy.

A water quantity monitoring program was initiated in 2015 to measure flow into and out of the Columbia Lake and also lake level (the lake level is largely determined by these flows and varies through a range of nearly one metre during the course of an average year). In addition, our volunteers are investigating ways to determine the contribution of groundwater to Columbia Lake.


Other Work:

  1. Ongoing Water Quality and Quantity (flow) measurements
  2. Annual Shoreline Clean-ups and Invasive Weed Pulls
  3. Hiring a summer student (2022)
  4. Develop Educational Programs for Youth
  5. Ongoing boat counts (water recreation vessel counts)
  6. Work with RDEK to install speed signs for Wildlife Management Areas extending into Columbia Lake 
  7. CLSS long-term development planning
  8. Participating in Canal Flats OCP
  9. Website editing
  10. Prepare educational articles

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