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The Columbia Lake Stewardship Society (CLSS) is a volunteer citizen-based group whose vision is to preserve the near pristine nature of Columbia Lake for current and future generations. Our members include many in the sciences (meteorologists, hydrogeologists, geologists, engineers and environmental professions) who guide our activities. CLSS has been collecting and interpreting Columbia Lake water quality and water quantity data since 2014 and sharing this knowledge through community and educational events.

Currently there are three applications asking for additional recreational infrastructure on the lake (details on applications below). These applications will be considered by multiple government jurisdictions within the next month. CLSS strongly believes that it is important that the cumulative impact of all activity be considered. Consequently, CLSS is proposing that the RDEK, FLNRORD and the Village of Canal Flats jointly agree to a moratorium on approval of new applications on Columbia Lake until the Columbia Lake Management plan (CLMP) is completed (scheduled to begin in 2020).

After six years of monitoring the lake, we have learned that while Columbia Lake is relatively healthy at this time, it is an environmentally sensitive lake due to its position at the headwaters (less water flow through) and its shallow depth. CLSS is currently reviewing local studies and reports that indicate potential impacts to Columbia Lake. Hence, these need to be considered within the scope of the CLMP so that Columbia Lake can continue to be enjoyed by all and so that development can be conducted in a responsible manner. As a result, we are requesting that the CLMP be completed before any additional development applications be approved.

For more detail, please refer to the specific applications at:


Eagles Nest: Lands file 4406054. Comments received until Dec 18/19

Tilley Memorial: Lands file 4406046. Comments received until Dec 29/19

Timber Springs: Lands file 4406056.Comments received until Jan 10-20/19

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