What Makes Algae Grow

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Lake Windermere Ambassadors Nuisance Nutrients Workshop

Wondering what makes algae grow? What feeds the plants growing on the bottom of Lake Windermere? What happens to the fish when they decompose? Join the Lake Windermere Ambassadors for this free afternoon workshop to learn about the science of nutrient cycles and nutrient loading in lakes, rivers, and streams. Sign up here!

https://goo.gl/forms/X126McuZEuFJSNXX2 Participants will learn about sources of nutrient inputs, what residents and businesses can do to help reduce negative impacts of nutrient loading in our waters, and learn hands-on how to sample for nutrients and interpret water quality lab results. This workshop is free but is limited to 20 participants each day, so please sign up early! Two dates are available: Friday April 13th, and Saturday April 14th. (Same presentation on both days) Workshop runs from 1pm-3:30pm each day.

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