Ken Croasdale

Ken Croasdale is an engineering consultant focussing on ice issues and has worked on Arctic projects worldwide including Canada, the US, Russia and Kazakhstan. Returning to the peaceful nature of Columbia Lake in both winter and summer is greatly valued which has led Ken to support the Columbia Lake Stewardship Society.

Tracy Flynn

Tracy Flynn has lived around lakes her entire life; they are an integral part of who she is today. Tracy loves water and its constant change: blue to turquoise and calm, or grey with choppy white caps – each with its own beauty and charm. The undeveloped east side with its abundance of wildlife along quiet shores is amazing and she realizes that we all have to work together to preserve what we value highly. Columbia Lake has won a special place in her heart. Tracy happily work with her neighbours to ensure that the Columbia Lake watershed will provide enjoyment for generations to come.

I enjoy learning more about limnology – the study of freshwater systems – a word that I wasn’t even aware of a few years ago. What I lack in knowledge I hope to make up in enthusiasm!

Bill Thompson

Bill Thompson is a retired meteorologist. Much of his experience has focused on water management issues both in Canada and abroad. Bill is currently involved in stream flow and other hydrology studies of Columbia Lake for CLSS.

Mary McGovern

A nurse for forty years, Mary grew up in Northern Ontario paddling in and around Lake Superior. She now resides at Columbia Lake most of the time where she has developed a great interest in preserving and protecting the area’s watershed.

Anne Murphy

Anne Murphy has owned a property overlooking Columbia Lake for 17 years and relishes the peace and tranquility of the mountain and lake setting. She enjoys writing and before retirement was an owner of an event planning company.

Pat Silver

Having just moved to B.C. from Ontario in 2016, Pat is enjoying all the outdoor activities that this beautiful area offers.  She enjoys kayaking on Columbia Lake as well as cross country skiing on various trails throughout Columbia Valley.  Pat is a recent retiree from the insurance business, and has accepted the role of Secretary for the Columbia Lake Stewardship Society.

Nancy Wilson

Nancy is a retired geologist who worked in the petroleum industry for over 31 years. Nancy is also an active volunteer, having promoted the advancement of women in science, engineering and leadership roles for years. She is active with CLSS and also volunteers at the Calgary Zoo and Care Canada. She and husband Tom have a place on Columbia Lake.

Tom Dance

Tom is a member of the Spirits Reach Community located on the west side of Columbia Lake. Tom has more than 35 years of experience in assessing water quality in surface water and groundwater and is a professional hydrogeologist.  He has been involved with the water quality monitoring program on Columbia Lake for the past three years and including the training of volunteers who undertake the monitoring program.  During his working career he was involved with a wide variety of projects to conserve and protect water sources.   He represents CLSS as a member of the board for the Columbia Wetlands Society Partnership.

Ed Gillmor

Originally from Bay of Fundy area of NB, Ed has worked and lived in a majority of our provinces and territories. Graduated from UNB (76) – P.Geo (AB,BC, SK) – he has worked as a prospector, hydrogeologist with Alberta Environment, major oil sands players, international engineering and environmental consulting firms and finally as owner/CEO of a specialized hydrogeology firm that operated throughout western Canada. He and his family have enjoyed Columere Park since 1991.

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