Columbia Lake Stewardship Society

Welcome to the Columbia Lake Stewardship Society’s website. We felt we finally needed a place to outline CLSS’s goals and objectives, store our water quality and flow information and communicate these results with the communities around Columbia Lake.

CLSS has a dedicated team of eight directors including concerned citizens, local business owners, individuals from geology, meteorology, engineering and nursing professions. We are both permanent and part time residents. All have a keen sense of lake pride and cherish Columbia Lake and its environs.

Our water sampling volunteers have a full slate of water quality monitoring planned in 2017 which will add to existing information. We will continue to record stream inflow in the headwaters, measure lake levels and lake outflow to provide an accurate water balance for Columbia Lake. CLSS volunteers are also investigating groundwater’s contribution to Columbia Lake.

Our Gallery presents photos of Columbia Lake and its wetlands. Photography generously supplied by Elaine Sell Prefontaine, a resident of Columere Park.

We invite you to check back for updated information about the on-going activities related to the Columbia Lake Stewardship Society.


View water quality and quantity reports.


Freeze and Thaw

View freeze and thaw records for Columbia Lake.


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Learn more about the Columbia Lake Stewardship Society, our mission, and our mandate to preserve the ecological health of Columbia Lake.

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